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Save the Date - Installation Brunch
Residents' Day and Memorial Lecture

Friday, April 10, 2015


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We hope you enjoy this feature article from the latest Medical Record.  For more articles check out the Medical Record here, or read more featured articles online here.

  • Ready or Not: Meaningful Use” of Health IT

    Back in 2009, Congress passed the “Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health” or HITECH Act.   This legislation provided nearly $30 billion to facilitate the adoption of an Electronic Health Record (EHR) nation-wide. 

  • Medical Mission Work

    Many physicians feel the call to volunteer their time and talents providing medical and surgical care to underserved populations inside and outside the United States. In response to an offer to increase awareness of such activities, and specifically to publicize opportunities for more physicians to become involved, BCMS members responded with information about the initiatives they support in hopes of inspiring others to join these efforts.


President’s Message

"You don’t just accidentally show up
in the World Series." – Derek Jeter

As 2014 comes to a close, it seems like the perfect time to review some of the major endeavors of the Berks County Medical Society during the past year. We started the year saying goodbye to our longtime Executive Director, Mr. Bruce Weidman. We thanked him for his years of service and culminated his tenure with a retirement dinner in June. Since that time, some of our members have been very engaged in the search for a new Executive Director for Berks County. In September, the search committee recommended to the Executive Council that we partner with the Pennsylvania Medical Society for the recruitment, as well as the employment of our new executive. As we look to the future of the society, we recognize the importance of the Executive Director’s role to reach out to physicians, practices, and health systems in order to understand the issues facing physicians in various specialties and employment environments. Declining membership has been and continues to be an issue with medical societies throughout the nation. This issue is not exclusive to medical societies, but also to a variety of membership organizations in general. Each society is trying to discover ways to prove relevance and value to their members. Membership dues are the cornerstone of our county income and are the reason that we can provide various programs for patients, physicians, and practices in Berks County. These initiatives include but are not limited to Residents Day, Health Talk on WEEU, advocacy for physicians and patients, practice seminars, physician training courses, and the Legislative Breakfast in May.

Some physicians may ask, what does the Berks County Medical Society or the Pennsylvania Medical Society do for me? Why do I need the society? I am already a member of my specialty society, so the others don’t really matter, right? As Derek Jeter stated, “you don’t just show up in the World Series.” It takes a great deal of effort and foresight to make a team, or in our case, a society, successful. In this fast-paced new world of medicine, we need a united physician voice in medicine. BCMS and PaMed are two of the only societies who are able to speak for every physician in Berks County and the Commonwealth regardless of specialty, employment status, or stage in career. When the governor, a congressman, or a news organization has a question concerning emerging medical issues, legislative issues dealing with medicine, or medical practice, they contact BCMS or PaMed. We are the preeminent voice of the physician and of medicine in Berks County and Pennsylvania. Don’t allow that voice to grow soft or silent especially during this critical time in medicine.

I would like to thank our officers and our executive council members for the fantastic job that they did all year in order to maintain the Berks County Medical Society as one of the preeminent county societies in the commonwealth. Individuals cannot run a society, instead it needs an outstanding team of physicians to shape and guide it. I know that I am leaving the society in excellent and capable hands, as Dr. Lucy Cairns becomes the 141th President in January. I have confidence that we will thrive in the upcoming years with the excellent leaders who are emerging in Berks. Thank you for allowing me to serve as your president. I was honored and grateful to have been entrusted with this role.


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